Your home for cycling

Rénovation has started!

The Minowa facility will have 3 floors and a rooftop area.

1st floor will be for the training and bike storage. It will also have a small bike repair and cleaning area, as well as a bike accesories corner and apparel corner. The reception will also be located at the 1st floor.

The 2nd floor will be the Bar and Lounge area and will have multiple TV screens for live cycling coverage of the main cycling events. Our menu will include various coffees, tees, beers, smoothies etc, and the food menu will consist of several healthy and nutritious dishes put together by our expert chef.

The 3rd floor will house the shower and locker facilities.


On August 1, we have started the renovation of the Minowa facility. First works include removal of the old wallpaper as well as breaking down part of a dividing wall at the second floor that is designated to be the bar/lounge area.

We also spend some time depicting how the bar and kitchen area would look like.

Next is building the additional walls, doors toilets and shower units.

We are currently gathering the kitchen equipment and bar and lounge furniture.


Only in Japan, you can order tiles for the kitchen wall, with the grout and the spacers, but the company you order that from does not supply the glue nor can advise on what glue to use and where to get it ... some of the problems we run into ....

Our menu is carefully put together by our expert chef and aiming at accomodating either weightloss or muscle building diets

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