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Your home for cycling

CITTEC/Cafe Galibier:

1-15-16 Minami Senju,

Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, 116-0003


Cafe Galibier


About our Business

As a long time (recreational) cyclist, I have always looked for ways to make my hobby and passion into my profession. In 2016, I finally decided to make my dream happen.

The aim of CITTEC is to promote cycling and to provide a daily (indoor-) training facility for cyclists and tri-athletes that do not have the opportunity to go on long rides/runs due to time constraints because of their job, weather, road conditions or geographical location. As a cyclist/tri-athlete, you likely prefer to ride your own (custom build) bicycle rather than riding a spinning bike or any other fitness club surrogate.


The Best Features

With the current level of Dynamic trainers, it has become possible to ride in simulation mode on your own bike in a group setting while looking at the road you are riding with all the relevant speed, distance, power, elevation data available on the screen.

At the same time the aim is to provide a complete package of services, including bicycle storage, locker room, shower facility, laundry service, training schemes and support, (self-)bike maintenance corner, small apparel shop, upper body workout corner. Furthermore, we want to complete the experience by offering a relax area including a small bar and bistro/restaurant, where you can enjoy food and drinks in line with your training or dieting regime.

Furthermore, activities may include organized weekend rides. For this a bus may be chartered to allow for mountain rides and rides in the countryside. Annual cycling trips abroad (e.g. Europe or Taiwan) are also considered.

A kids corner for entertainment of small children while parents are training, is also considered depending on the seize of the available facility.


Our menu is carefully put together by our expert chef and aiming at accomodating either weightloss or muscle building diets




CITTEC/Cafe Galibier:

1-15-16 Minami Senju,

Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, 116-0003


Tel: 03-6806-6860

E-mail: cittecgalibier@gmail.com



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